Saturday, January 04, 2014

New Label Alert: Life Cereal

Indeed I'm a big fan of Life's lastest look, tho they have fiddled with it some since the overhaul.  You'll see a new composition here downplaying the name but it's just as nice with that bright blue bowl.

For comparison is the Safeway generic brand, which in and of itself is not bad. It's a cute nod to what you're getting tho, they aren't being shy about it.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Fruits of Kickstarter: Mitch Byrd Sketchbook

There are alot of cool projects on Kickstarter, and when one of my favorite artists planned a sketchbook of rarely seen art, I was in.

Mitch Byrd is a fantastic artist who I wish had more exposure, if only for him to produce more art. This sketchbook covers some of that, but as a follower of his I know it could have (and should have) been more extensive. Still I'm pleased the modest goal was met and a final product was produced. In my Kickstarter experience, it was the fastest any goal was met to the time I had something in my hands.

Here's hoping another volume is in the works.