Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Omar Dogan: Girl 7

Girl 7 is a long overdue collection from artist Omar Dogan. Dogan is widely know as one of Udon Studios premier artists, having created a slew of comics and illustrations who's quality rivals or exceeds that of its origins. When those origins tend to be the internationally revered characters and artwork of Capcom, that's no small feat.

Dogan has a large fan following, evidenced in part by his million-page-view presence on deviantArt. There are original works in his gallery, but Girl 7 is the first published work of strictly original content. There's no Chun Li or Sakura illos to be oogled, just page after page of new material. Specifically, the seven titular "girls," through whom Dogan took upon himself to use as a narrative and inspiration for furthering his artistic skills. His goal was to create seven separate personalities through his artwork, and set them each among a series of favored themes. Dogan's own commentary is personal, informative, and often humble as he struggles to "break old habits" and reach new artistic goals.

The art itself reflects this, as it is surprisingly not what a fan of his might expect. It is familiar and lush and expertly rendered, tho it does have a distinctly different feel from his more commercial work. In that sense, mission accomplished. As with many of Udon't art books as of late, the print quality is superb and befitting of the work. If there is to be a criticism it is that which is the bane of today's digital artists: seeing their digital images in print. Some of the colored pieces appear over-saturated, which in this case means ink, and tend to look dark. A comparison of works presented both in the book and those on his deviantArt page do show that while stylistically he has chosen deep and saturated colors, the difference seen in print is verified. 

This does not detract from the work or goals of Girl 7, as there are some truly wonderful pieces across a spectrum of experiments in style and substance. Dogan's work may appeal to a specific base of admirers, tho the effort and skill seen in Girl 7 should make anyone of them, including myself, hope this collection is only the first of more to come.

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