Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Last Bud Plant Catalog?!?

I've received the Bud Plant Catalog for years. Years and years, close to 20, probably. It's been one of my favorite things to browse through and order from when the art book bug bites. Bud Plant-- eventually re-branded to Bud's Art Books-- has probably the largest book catalog of all things art that there is. I've met the man in person at cons, and it's certainly no secret he loves what he does.

There have always been periodic updates and a couple times a year the big "brick" catalog would come. Many a Saturday morning was spent on the couch watching TV and dog-earing my wishlist. So I was more than surprised to see the latest catalog arrive a couple weeks ago branded along the top: "This is the LAST Bud Plant Catalog!"

Fret not, the business is merely moving orders exclusively online. A sign of the times, Bud admits himself in an editorial inside. I'll miss the print edition, tho I have to admit at times I thought it might have come with more frequency than it needed to. I remember more than a few times during spring cleaning finding a literal stack of those things that had built up :-) The website may not be as tactile, but it certainly has its conveniences, not to mention some ripe selections you're not likely to find on Amazon. I encourage all book lovers to stop by and browse-- often!

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