Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Little Felsteed

A fun project from a while ago I'm just now getting posted:

Special thanks to Mary for 1) supplying the blank Pony and 2) re-rooting the hair!

And before you ask, this little dude is one-of-a-kind for my <3 Vicky!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Farewell Austin

It was a grand run in what I think may be the only truly hospitable city in Texas. Not that I've grown to have any dislike of the Lone Star State or its fine residents, just that for a west coast boy like me Austin was a pretty good fit.

Four years is one of my longer durations in a single place, if you can believe it. And of course I've made some wonderful and hopefully life-long friends during that time. I met my special gal here, too, and that counts for alot. Austin is a lush, hilly oasis in the vastness that is Texas, and it is home to good people. The town has a liberal bent compared to its conservative surroundings, and was often described to me as "a little blue island in a sea of red."

The city itself is small and compact. Downtown has a great culture and atmosphere. Music really can be had just about anywhere, and I've been fortunate enough to see some great shows, big and small. The surrounding areas and suburbs are what you's expect from the urban sprawl America has come to excel at-- but it's the rolling hill country, rivers, lakes, and greenery that set it apart.

But as one's path in life meanders and forks, so it goes that I move on again to new endeavors, back to the sunny shores of California... more on that and some additional thoughts on Austin to come.