Sunday, August 07, 2011

Goodbye comics, you may or may not be missed.

So today I handed off the last of my decades of acquired comics to the brother of a good friend. This has been a steady procedure over recent years as chunks have been sold off to ebay and local comics stores, but never in the bulk or finality of this instance.

As I had gone through my collection looking for books I wished to keep (a longbox and a half as it turns out) I was reminded of many great stories, artists, and rare gems that only comics had to offer. Many of these I have since purchased in other forms such as trades or nice hardbacks, so I don't think it is a total expulsion by far. I mean shit, I'm still buying those trades and nice hardbacks, maybe not in the frequency I used to, however lax I have been of late in relaying that here.

And yet it was a very good feeling to hand them off to someone who genuinely loved comics and wanted these books. A better choice than random ebays and wholly underpriced trade-in to stores if you ask me. We chatted about how comics and comics collecting was transitory, how the whole basis of the classic collection was based on books trading hands. So now my collection, too, has been put into the care of another. It is likley one day he may do the same.

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