Saturday, April 16, 2011

The beauty of Big Red

I had never heard of Big Red soda before coming to Austin. As far as I can tell it's an overly sweet, vaguely cream soda of indiscernable flavor. It has me curious, if only there was some way to find out the history of this intriguing beverage...

Ah, Yes.

I leave it to other consumers to decide the flavor for themselves. In this instance it's not the taste that excites me (as a patron of cream sodas I've had many better), but the "Delicious" design screened over what could only be yet another offering of the retro label throwback trend. Its beauty is in its bold simplicity, and while it mysteriously found the need to make use of five fonts (on the whole), it is thankfully bereft of any additional "retro" or "classic" branding so often forced on the public as if we'd be so shocked by an certain aesthetic that we might think the actual decade had changed around us. In fact the only truly anachronistic detail on the bottle is a discreet listing of under the UPC.

Should you visit the site you'll no doubt notice the current logo and branding has nowhere near the class or charm of this red and white treat.

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