Saturday, August 28, 2010

Generic branding, literally

Some decades ago, generic branding was just that: minimal lableing that gave only the base description of the product. This was done for a multitude of reasons, namely to distinctly separate off-brand foodstuffs, tho it has to be argued that a lack of money or access to actual package design resources also played a part.

In the modern age where most any office clan can boot up photoshop, that later caveat becomes less of an issue. But more interesting is the choice to make use of that resource in an effort to directly compete with branded product. Every once in a while a generic brand surprises you in its effort if not its execution.

Safeway brands makes its latest canned generics a step further by replacing photos with (digital) illustration. The "S" curve motif still covers all its products, but with a more classic presentation of boxed type. The addition of illustration takes more than minimal effort in both management and cost. The generic line continues to blur.

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