Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Evolution of Cookie Crisp Cereal

"Co-OOOOOOO-kie Crisp!"

Remember that? Believe it or not I am old enough to remember both Jarvis the Wizard and the Cookie Crook. That original changeover was one of the first examples of radical re-branding that stunned this once-naieve child. Watch as crooks then make way for dogs, wolves, and in foreign markets-- a panther? I'd love to know the story behind that, what other cultures do or do not accept about wolves hocking cereal.

The cereal itself was practically a forbidden fruit, often reviled by watchdog groups as one of breakfastdom's worst offenders. Cookie Crisp's real claim to fame was topping lists with the highest sugar content and its unhealthy promotion of sweets as the first meal of the day. I mean, come on, it's cookies and milk for breakfast. Genius. I fondly remember the rare occasions I was able to partake.

The brand has gone through more than a few owners and themes, design-wise it's a steady downhill journey and you can see the instant the 90's rears its ugly head. Dear lord, it's like marketeers held designers by gunpoint to enforce their focus group and shopping psychology agendas. My favorite is the original with the photographed jar of cookies and the wonderfully quaint Jarvis illustration. Tho I do give some style points to the Nestle branded 2nd row 2nd, even if the actual product is a barely featured in the layout. The last box in the montage is one snapped just the other day in the store, and it may as well be a generic brand.

Cookie Crisp on Wikipedia

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