Monday, March 29, 2010

New Comics

With my comics reporting so lax of late, the "Day" of my traditional New Comics Day posts has become arbitrary.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps

So, so very near to the conclusion of Blackest Night, I can't say I was disappointed, but I wasn't exactly wowed either. But I will say it was more entertaining near the end after a lackluster buildup. In Green Lantern Corps there was more focus on the battle royale aspect of the Spectrum Corps, altho some of the more interesting points of the colors teaming up seemed to be glossed over in lieu of big fight scenes. Altho if anything that book had too much going on to keep up with. The current ish #46 may have jumped the shark with the introduction of Ice as a Black Lantern, considering for the life of me I don't know that she ever died... I mean, a second time. As with most things DCU, it's complicated. But as far as I know Ice was alive and well and awaiting Guy Gardner's return to Earth. Does this issue suggest-- nay, state-- that Ice had died "off screen?" Is this version of Ice as a Black Lantern the one from her original death? And if neither, does that give The Black re: Necron the power to just conjure up any 'ol Black Lantern he wants? Can you believe I have to type these kinds of questions? Also, Refrigerator.

The most ironic part of the Blackest Night storyline was that the most interesting stories didn't even happen in the Blackest Night books! They took place in Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern proper, which is how it should have been from the get go. Looking back on the series, not a single piece of exclusive story or information came from the Blackest Night series. Now the argument there would be the reveal of Sinestro as White Lantern in Blackest Night #7. However, if one had not read that issue and instead read Green Lantern #52, you've really got it covered, and in far more detail. (same goes for the Alternate Spectrum Corps that preceded, as I see it). In fact I think GL #52 is actually the crux of Blackest Night, giving us not only Sinestro's self-imposed destiny, but the revelation that planet Earth is no less than the origin of life for the universe. Seriously, the last issue of Blackest Night better have some kind of doosie reveal or setup for it to have any relevance now.

This week sees Blackest Night #8-- the grand finale, and my self imposed target to discontinue regular comics buying. Not the end of the blog, or comics, or the reporting, mind you, more info to come.

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