Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Comics Delay

There are alot of lanterns.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps

I have to say I am enjoying the boiling point of the Blackest Night hoo-ha in Green Lantern #51, if only for all the crazy shit that's going down. It's still kind of surprising to see that a ring of any color is set to possess just about anyone at any time, even multiple times. The brief appearance by parallax seemed too quick and too good to be true, and was indeed short lived. But then it had a slightly ominous exit so surely something else is in the works. Whether that be for Blackest Night or further on, who knows. (Well Geoff Johns knows)

Not as unexpected are the winding down resolutions in Green Lanter Corps, presumably just before a grand finale for Blackest Night. Gardner of course is redeemed back to Green status, this his breif stint as a Red Lantern is a memorable one and not likely his last.

At this stage I'm curious as to who will be revealed as the White Lantern, current rumblings and announcements on the DC side no longer necessarily point to Jordan. I'm sure he'll play a part and may even be a catalyst, but "Brightest Day" announcements appear to be pointing in another direction..

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