Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trident Layers is fancy gum

Trident gum has a separate branding look for its "Layers" gum. It's very adult contemporary, as far as gum goes. Sure do like the wallet-style interior, tho.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday Comics: Collected

DC's The Source blog has delivered a flurry of information over the past couple weeks. Most of which solidify my desire to get off of the funnybook train. But there was the little snipped previewing the mockup for the collected edition of Wednesday comics, and boy does it look nice. Sometimes DC does okay.

I swear if the interior is newsprint I'm gonna cry.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Comics Day

Blackest Night is moving right along…

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps

I'm getting to the shop about every other week now, and all I seem to be picking up anymore is Green Lantern and the occasional trade. Green Lantern and Blackest Night, I've said before I'm just going to see it out and call it a (Brightest) day. It can't come soon enough. Should it still linger, where will I get my periodical fix henceforth? Heaven forbid any of the major comic book publishers step into modern times with some form of digital delivery on a well-designed device custom made for page-by-page content.

The Blackest Night books themselves are a little crowded, suffering from typical "event plotting" which leads invariably to "event fatigue." Every single action can't be the end-all be-all world changing storypoint, it becomes a dilution of the whole. But I really do like the individual books, and again wish the Blackest Night story was self-contained within the GL line. The latest issues of Green Lantern Corps may have presented the false death of Kyle Rayner in a not-so-suprising delivery of soap opera cheese, but the sudden turn of Guy Gardner to the Red Lanterns is pretty compelling and I've liked reading it play out. I do wonder if it's an ongoing storyline or just a few issue's worth.

Come to think of it, Guy Gardner enwrapped by the rage of the Red Lantern is not that big of a deal for the character. He's had a long career as a Green Lantern in both comedic and dramatic roles. In one of my favorite past storylines, Garner graverobbed Sinestro's original yellow power ring and slung that around town for a while. Not to mention the time he outright refused reinstatement of being a Green Lantern after the original Parallax debacle (enter Kyle Rayner). And of course there is the "Warrior" period of his life that while not wholly dismiss-able was little more than a the man's adventures as a walking CG effect. I never really bought the need to re-invent Gardner as a Vuldarian decendant, tho comics are sometimes… desparate. And while returned to "proper" GL stature when Geoff Jones rewrote the universe, Seeing Gardner as a Red Lantern might not be the most suprising thing but at this stage turns out to be the most logical.

There are other little interesting things going on about how many Lanterns have worn other rings. Hal Jordan has had Green, Blue, and Red, and as of Green Lantern #50, Black. This issue also sees the alternate Spectrum Corps, with a full platoon of Earthbound heroes getting rings of their very own. I thought that was pretty cool if gimmicky, and would have liked to have seen the idea pushed further. Some of the choices are interesting, others like the Flash with a Blue ring, kind of redundant. I wish Wonder Woman's Sapphire costume was a little more inspired. Eh, it will do. But I will say the art by Doug Mahnke is fucking sweet. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite GL artists.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Comics Day

Indeed it's been a spell...

Blackest Night
Green Lantern, etc., etc.
The Chill

Not much I can say except the inevitable... I am really looking forward to Blackest Night coming to its (I totally called it) conclusion. And not because of any shocking revelation or "bold new direction" or -ahem- Brightest Day. No, I'm looking forward to it because it's the best excuse I've had in a while to quit the funnybooks. Gasp! But hey, there's still a ways to go and I will see it through.

But a far brighter spot in comcis than the announcement of Brightest Day was brought by Vertigo this week, with another installment of their Vertigo Crime books. What I can say without having read it yet is that the artwork by Italian Artist Mick Bertilorenzi is juicy.