Monday, October 19, 2009

Venture Bros. is like... Damn.

Yes, The Venture Bros. is my favorite show, yes it's always got cool stuff. But sometimes the thing just surprises me with it's overal quality and ingenuity of what we have come to know of as "the cartoon". This past Sunday's season opener was throughly enjoyable and delivers both action and gags galore in true Venture style-- but the Memento-esque editing employed in the overall narrative was downright ingenious. Dare I say sophisticated. I don't know exactly how to describe it, but comic books were involved and it was terribly original.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Comics Day

Green Lantern Corps

I had completely forgotten that the "final" issue of Planetary was forthcoming. For a while I was convinced that the previous issue was the last. But it is good to see the whole crew back again, it is a very enjoyable book. Getting this final story so long afterwards is the impetus for going back and re-reading the series, almost as if that was the general plan for followers. At under 30 issues, that's not too much of a task. While Planetary evolved in to an arching saga to determine the identity of Elijah Snow, some of its most memorable stories are the one shots that riff on comics and sci-fi mainstays. Many other books have done this, but there is something about the combination of Ellis, Cassaday, and Depuy that brought it together just so. Hard to believe this strange little trip started over 10 years ago, and a bit more so for me realizing I was there. One of the highlights of being around the WildStorm office was the constant stream of art that came in, and it was always a special treat when Layman would bounce over to his desk with one of his intermittent bouts of glee, "Have you seen the new Planetary cover?"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Old Edco Haunt is a Crime Scene on CSI Vegas

Man did I trip the F out when watching the latest episode of CSI Las Vegas, "Working Stiffs." Stokes and Sanders roll up on a murder victim's place of former residence, which happened my own former residence: the fabulously retro Valli Tropics of Studio City, CA!

The neighborhood was known for location shoots, I saw more than a few during my time there. But seeing my actual building was quite a surprise. Tho it wasn't my apartment they went into, I think it was the manager's. Still, trippy! Doubly trippy since I also used to Live in Las Vegas, and also can recognize when they're actually on location in my favorite desert town. But trust me when I say as cool and retro as parts of Vegas can be, finding a complex like Valli Tropics is pushing it a bit.

See more of Studio City HERE.

Monday, October 05, 2009

I am selling some comics

And by some, I mean a buttload. Going for ebay again, as there are actual people who not only want such things, but will offer a small pittance for them.

The first round went pretty well, but I've got several more to go and there's lots of good stuff still getting listed. Some hard choices were made, but I've got to thin the herd for my own personal peace of mind (and closet space).

See my current listings.