Sunday, October 11, 2009

Old Edco Haunt is a Crime Scene on CSI Vegas

Man did I trip the F out when watching the latest episode of CSI Las Vegas, "Working Stiffs." Stokes and Sanders roll up on a murder victim's place of former residence, which happened my own former residence: the fabulously retro Valli Tropics of Studio City, CA!

The neighborhood was known for location shoots, I saw more than a few during my time there. But seeing my actual building was quite a surprise. Tho it wasn't my apartment they went into, I think it was the manager's. Still, trippy! Doubly trippy since I also used to Live in Las Vegas, and also can recognize when they're actually on location in my favorite desert town. But trust me when I say as cool and retro as parts of Vegas can be, finding a complex like Valli Tropics is pushing it a bit.

See more of Studio City HERE.

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