Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Comics Day

Green Lantern
Power Girl
Umbrella Academy: Dallas
Hellboy Library Edition v3

Blackest Night marches on, and I gotta say it remains far more interesting in just the Green Lantern titles (which are having the habit of Green Lantern himself being suspiciously absent). But I do like it when Sinestro kicks up the dust. The Blackest Night book itself is lackluster by comparison. Tsk, tsk, DC, you don’t really have to milk everything, you know.

For library growers, another most excellent, oversized, clothbound volume of Hellboy has arrived. It is really hard not to get these. I'm not sure of their print run but my store-- which is a fairly large supplier of specialty items-- only ever gets a few of them and I'm compelled to steal one away whenever it appears. And it's soooo worth it!

On the "good reading" front, the trade edition of the latest Umbrella Academy chapter has arrived, "Dallas." Umbrella academy too has released glorious oversized hardcover editions of both its chapters, and would certainly be worth having around. But for now I'm content with aging through the trade, thoroughly enjoying it along the way.

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