Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Comics Day

Blackest Night

The thing about Blackest Night turning into a "non-event" in record time is perplexing if not unexpected. What has become apparent is that Death in the DCU is so often troped and recycled that I find most all of the revelations of Black Lanterns anti-climactic. The basic premise is "the dead shall rise" pretty much implies that dead characters will show up and become a Black lantern. The only real shocks the plots allow are instances where living characters are killed, to instantly become Black Lanterns. And in that respect there are the usual safe routes of which characters succumb, still only to have their deaths reverted within panels of the supposed demise.

This third issue does introduce the Indigo Lanterns in official capacity, but at the expense of any insight into the master plan of the Black Lantern agenda. How this story plans to expand into the general DCU beyond Green Lantern escapes me -- so far it's just an excuse to ressurect as many dead characters as possible and put them into black costumes.

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