Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Comics Day

Couple weeks worth of books, just didn't get around to posting last week :-(

Green Lantern
Power Girl
Killer of Demons TPB
Dark Entries

Boy, I sure did love that Dark Entries book, I hope Vertigo keeps them coming. I was drawn mostly to the great art by Werther Dell'edera, perfect match for the story. I haven't kept up much with John Constantine, tho I read wuite a bit of Hellblazer back in the day. And I'm not familiar with author Ian Rankin but he spun a good yarn. It's the format the wins out, tho, and kudos for this. Comics readers may be thrown by it at first, clearly packaged and designed for the book market, but that's where I hope it has the most success. Still a great book for comics and Constantine fans, check it out.

And, um, yeah... I did cut off Wednesday Comics. It is cool? Yes. Is it that cool? Not really. I'm already more interested in how they collect it.

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