Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Comics Day

Wednesday Comics has finally arrived! And my opinion is... mixed.

Creatively it's hard to match, there is such a stellar lineup of talent it's a little too good to be true. Art highlights include José Louis Garcia-Lopez (inked by Kevin Nowlan!), Amanda Conner, Mike Allred, and Paul Pope. The large-unfold newspaper format presents the art in a smile-inducing style.

For whatever reason, parties involved chose to print all this glorious art on newsprint. Not even nice newsprint, but just utter crap stock. This is supposedly to enforce the nostalgic feel that is undeniably there, but what a waste. I'm not even suggesting gloss stock as that would defeat the purpose, but at least a bleach white to get those colors to pop! It really bums me out, it's a real downer! Read about online and most people are just fawning all over this thing, but I think they blew it big time. Newsprint for comics used to be a necessity out of cost and volume. Wednesday Comics by far is a niche indulgence and runs 4 bucks a pop. It goes to show that sometimes you can take the execution of the idea too far.

So I would recommend picking up the next several weeks of Wednesday Comics for the kick of it (or just a few that catch your eye), but then immediately do something creative and/or practical like wallpaper your room or wrap this year's Christmas presents. Don't worry, a oversized coffe table edition on deserved paper is just a matter of time.

Blackest Night has officially kicked off in the Green Lantern #43. It focuses on Black hand with the fantastic art of Doug Mahnke. What a treat to have him on the book, he's just one of those artists where the quality in drafting and storytelling really stands out. Black Hand as a character has a sporadic history in the GL book, I wonder if his turn in the spotlight as the nexus for Blackest Night was happenstance or a long time coming. Looking back, you have to imagine that some vaguely similar direction for the character was planned, but put on hold and even outright forgotten while the larger scope of Blackest Night germinated over the years.

Pixu is a collection of the hard to find issues of the same name, a wonderful little collaboration between Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon, Vasilis Lolos, and Becky Cloonan. Cloonan remains one of my top favorites in anything she does, but here she is in exceptional company. Highly recommended.

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