Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Comics Day

A couple weeks worth of books-- it still doesn't add up to much, but we did get a hell of a treat this week.

Young Liars
Power Girl
Green Lantern
Empowered (!!!)

I was going to go over all the points that made the last issue of GL a poorly constructed letdown compared to the recent months preceding, but then there's only so much I care to deconstruct. Here's hoping the current ish gets things back on track.

Power Girl as a self contained title is a bit of a tough sell. On the one hand it has art by Amanda Conner, and she's drawing Power Girl. On the other hand PG is in all honesty a fringe DCU character, and it's difficult to invest into her corner of the universe. But for all purposes the book should raise an eyebrow: it's got a visually striking heroine, good art, tons of violence, and a giant white gorilla tearing shit up. Now I know what you're thinking, "Hey wasn't that a recent Wonder Woman arc?" Why yes, it was, near verbatum. Ah, comics. Except here in Power Girl, the ape in question is Ultra Humanite, with a re-telling of his origin in the second issue. But truth be told, even though I know who the Ultra Humanite is, I can't recall a single instance where I've read his origin. This time around it's spelled out pretty clear, and I don't know what's retold versus revamped, but I do know it involved (or at least strongly implies) some big monkey lovin'... I guess the genius mind of a frail man suddenly transferred into a monsterous white gorilla really turns on the ladies.

Young Liars, read it, etc.

Treat of the week! EMPOWERED Vol 5 is here!!! Just thumbing through tells that it's chock full of Adam Warren sexy sci-fi goodness. And damned if the Caged Demonwolf is not one of the most unique and outright funniest characters put to page in years. In what is sure to be a series highlight, one chapter entails him regaling page after page of the most outrageously literate sex scene brought to bear. And of course after all the jokes and cheesecake run there course, Warren brings the heavy and again shows us how deeply attached we have become to his characters. The overarching fiction of Empowered is just so damn strong, and Warren's art is as juicy as his ridiculously well-constructed vignettes. It should be no surprise that Empowered continues to receive my kudos.

Here's an interview with Adam Warren on this latest volume at CBR.

There were also some pretty good trades made available this week, one of note includes a re-issue of Rich Veitch's Brat Pack. I've an original collection, tho may just pick up this new one as well to revisit the harrowing tale of dark-side heroics presented loooong before The Authority and The Boys. As a matter of fact if you've never read it it just might scare the shit out of you, as it did me when I first laid eyes upon it in a time now so long ago.

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