Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Comics Day

Green Lantern Corps
Young Liars TPB 2

Things turn out just as I suspected in GLC, with Ion-infused Lantern Sodam Yat kickstarting the Daxam sun into high-voltage yellow. Not that it wasn't cool, subsequently giving and entire planet's population equivalent powers to Superman. It's even handled with a bit of sci-fi intent, showing the initial power upgrade almost out of control with a civilization who is initially clueless to adapt. Now how a planet of superpowers would be capable of anything but overthrowing the occupying Sinestro Corps has yet to be seen.

Se that paragraph I just wrote? That is some crazy shit, a language foreign to far more than those already indoctrinated. But that's kinda why I love it. Oh, and what's with the Sinestro Corps Turtle that radios in to Mongul?? Did he have the ability to instill great fear? Actually I thought he was pretty awesome, alas he was a sacrificial gag.

The parallel story just happens to be the homefront Green Lanterns holding off a full on Oan prison break, no small task there. Even the Alpha Lanterns show up all bad-ass like. The Corps title continues is strong run, Where as I mentioned Green Lanter Proper is dragging things out (and I have to admit after reading, the most recent GL ish is just plain bad).

The second collection of Young Liars is out. Buy it!!!!! I had to buy it in support of my favorite series this year (and last). The end is nigh, hopefully sales of the TBP can at least justify the series existence. Seriously, I say again, I'll say it every time: read this book.

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