Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Marvel Divas is confusing

On one hand you have a female-driven book likened as a Sex and the City type romp with second tier Marvel heroines. On the other you have this recently released art by Croatian artist Tonci Zonjic. And it's good. Like, real good. Playwrite-slumming-in-comics scribe Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is another addition to the mix that just makes the question mark a little bigger. No doubt the Mighty Marvel Hype Machine threw out the Carrie/Miranda/Charolette/Samantha to garner exactly just that-- hype. And the title "Marvel Divas?" Ugh, how could I purchase such a thing?

But that art... I can't wait to see the color treatment. If they slap on the typical Marvel over-rendered gloss and shine it will be a sad loss. But perchance it can get a smart colorist inspired by the tones and cuts of say, a French artist like Herval. Or the deft watercoloring seen on Marini, even digital color like over Alary. It's all about finding that right tone to set the book off. Zonjic's art is way ahead of Marvel's stock and trade in terms of personality and I can only pray someone is thinking about this as much as I am.

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Oh, and isn't it a weird coincidence that DC is prepping to launch "Gotham City Sirens?" No, it's not.

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