Friday, May 29, 2009

New Comics Delay

Oh, look! It's something else about Green Lantern!

Green Lantern
Conan: Cimmeria TBP

The odd (if somewhat interesting) tale of the Orange Lantern continues, with no small shortage of "things happening." Honestly I wonder if they didn't somehow need to stretch this one out longer than it had to be to get more ancillary books lined up for Blackest Night... And if I wonder it, I'm sure someone else is wondering it. Add what could be considered a decent familiarity of backstage comics, it's probably more the case than not. Oh, that DC editorial sure is a card. GL frequent penciller Ivan Reis is on break and missed, here filled in by Philip Tan. I can't say I'm as enthusiastic about the style, but it's a good fit for the story and you can't say he isn't giving it his best shot.

And I sure do like those collected Conan Trades. "Cimmeria" is the official start to volume two of Dark Horse comics series, and stylistically is quite a departure from the previous. That's not to say they've skimped on art at all, featuring both Thomás Giorello and Richard Corben. With colors by José Villarrubia, no less, and chapter breaks by Frank Cho. Tim Truman, a fine artist in his own right, wrote the tail end of the first volume with and following Busiek, now having taken the reigns completely. His steadfast love of Howard's original material shows, continuing a great legacy of Conan in comics.

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