Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Comics Day

Groovy books and the beginning of a sad, sad end.

Green Lantern Corps
Young Liars
LOEG 1910
Ultimates 3

WOE IS ME!! Young Liars has been cancelled, with author Lapham asked to prematurely wrap up within the next two issues. DAMMIT! I wonder if every one reading this would take two friends to the comics store and pick up an issue each... prolly couldn't turn it around. Seriously this has been one of the best books of the past year. As thankful as I am to have what we got, I'm extra sad to see it go. Sadder still that such an amazing book couldn't find the audience it needed to thrive.

It was with a shakey hand that I picked up the softcover collection of Ultimates 3. The story is some of Loeb's most cringeworthy, if only for being such a divergent path to what Mark Millar had done in the previous two volumes. The essence of the widescreen theatrics is somewhat retained, yet is so very different. The reason it's a pickup is that it's incredibly hard to ignore a whole book's worth of new art by Joe Madueira, which is equalled (if not surpassed) by the digital paintwork of Christian Lichtner. This collection seems to have fared better in terms of color reproduction that was mostly too saturated and heavily printed on the individual issues. While generally it does still print on the darker side, the package seems to have come together nicely on the whole. It's not hard to look at.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1910 was a long time coming. And it looks to be longer still for all three volumes to come out, which I've heard as far out as 2011. Few things, however, are as enjoyable with such a wait. This new book *(technically volume 3) is also the first away from DC/WildStorm/ABC, now in the capable hands of Top Shelf Productions via Knockabout Comics. Production-wise the book appears solid-- a tight, squarebound, matte-cover with nice interior stock. Prints a little dark, tho :-P

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