Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blazing Combat

Blazing Combat, a new hardcover collection from Fantagraphics, showcases some truly fantastic work from a multitude of comics greats. I often describe work from this era as "When people knew how to draw." Not that I think artists today can't draw, there is just a instantly recognizable level of draftsmanship found in artists from generations past. The schooling was different, the training, the market.. subtle factors that produced what I find to be remarkable art.

The collection itself is sharp as a tack, presenting a variety of hard-boiled war stories from a short lived 1965 comic series, all written by the venerable Archie Goodwin. Fantagraphics really packages it nicely, I've included some samples below but trust me when I say the reproduction in the book itself is much cleaner than the scans I got-- had a little trouble with moiré from the fine duotone and zipatone in the art.

Click the title link above to hit the Fantagraphics site page and download a PDF sample if you want to see more. And also to get yourself a copy of the book!

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