Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Comics Day

Green Lantern
Detective Comics
Blazing Combat

Looks like Green lantern is going bi-weekly to ramp up to Blackest Night. We're in the middle of the Orange Lantern storyline, which I believe is the last color of the spectrum to be explored. Um waitaminnit... Are the Zamarons Indigo or Violet? Doesn't that leave one missing? Did I forget one?

Red - Hate
Orange - Avarice
Yellow - Fear
Green - Will
Blue - Hope
Indigo - Compassion
Violet - Love

So Orange isn't the last. Where is that Indigo Power Battery anyway? Compassion, I believe I read in some ancillary promotional material, is to be the foundation. A small online investigation yields that the "Indigo Tribe" will be showing up soon enough. Oh, and of course who can't see the finale of Blackest Night culminating in the only possible outcome: Someone will end up harnessing the power of the entire emotional spectrum and become...

White Lantern.

I'm pretty sure its going to be Jesus. Yes, I enjoy this, but really it's not that hard of a conclusion to reach.

Detective Comics actually shipped last week, the conclusion of the hyped "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader." Unfortunately we don't really get that answer. Gaiman is a strong storyteller, but something tells me he didn't really get to flex his muscles here, and maybe two issues was not enough to bookend what DC seems to desperately want to note as the end of the most recent generation of Batman. Or at least what Batman "is" in the DCU. Gaiman only taps into a small amount of meta-story, even though it's wrapped by some nice Kuber artwork. Still, both story and art seemed like a means to an end, rather than a transitional necessity. As a direct comparison to Alan Moore's "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow," that's just a magic you can't bottle. I've no doubt Gaiman and Kubert could have done so in their own way perhaps if things happened more organically in terms of the timing and execution. The cynic in me sees (and reports mostly verify) that DC editorial dictated "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader" to force a swan song before the new directives shake things up (or so they hope). If anything, Grant Morrison should have written the hell out his own personal epilog to Batman RIP. Tho perhaps he is indeed doing that now with he and Quitely's teaming on the forthcoming Batman and Robin project. Clever Grant.

Two book notes this week: A new Frank Cho hardcover collection is on the shelves. It should be considered for completists only-- and admittedly it is difficult not to be a Cho completist. Apes and Babes: The Art of Frank Cho Book 1 follows an unfortunate habit of Cho's work being presented that is available in other volumes. To say the a third of the book is new material might be a little generous, and much of that is not in fact new but just hasn't been collected. The book is nice and large with heavy gloss paper stock, so if you are one of the aforementioned completists or not an owner of his many other collections, this is not a bad book to have.

Secondly, Blazing Combat... hot damn. I'll be writing about this separately.

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