Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Comics Day

Green Lantern Corps

Yeah, still looks like I'm that guy. The guy who just goes into the comics store to buy Green Lantern stuff.

But Damn, Green lantern is pretty good right now. The Corps books has several plots running, and they keep running towards each other. The return of Mongul and his occupation of Daxam starts to heat up as Daxamite GL Sodam Yat shows up to check out the digs. Followers of the DCU may have an idea of where this is heading and it could be a potent payoff. Meanwhile the Red Lantern the Corps just boxed up is already set to escape. That was quick, eh? But I think the real exciting stuff here is the return of Sinestro and his confrontation with Natu (his daughter??). And of course we're still waiting for Sinestro to get over to his yellow army on Daxam, and the inevitable showdown with Mongul. The art is still great and awesome from Patrick Gleason, it's a good time to be a Green Lantern fan.

Other notable releases this week center around the centennial. Last of the series, 100 Bullets #100. The series goes out with a bang, and is a laudable collection by authors Azzarello and Rizzo.

The most excellent 100% by Paul Pope has been re-released as a deluxe hardcover. Pope delivers pulp sci-fi at its finest, if you' haven't read 100% in its previous incarnations, this is not a bad book to have.

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