Saturday, March 07, 2009

Staple '09

Just got back from an afternoon at Staple, Austin's own little indy press expo. There was some cool stuff and some great artists there, I took a bunch of cards from people to check out some of their web sites. I think that's one of the great things about being an artist with web access-- not only do you have the chance to look out for artists in person whom you've been introduced to online, but new artists you meet have a portal for you to visit and see more of their work.

I picked up some cool books and t-shirts, and even got some great sketches done. Unfortunately I missed out on meeting Stan Sakai, I knew he was around but I never synced up when he was at his table.

As I was handing out cards for a little self promotion, I did get a small treat when I met an artist who had actually been to my sketchblog, Cup Doodle!

Here are some other cool folk I met, check them out!

Evan Bryce

Martin Whitmore

Kennon James

Dean Trippe

Paul Adam

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