Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Comics Day (again)

New comics day is steadily becoming new trade paperback, Green Lantern, and Young Liars day. I have been picking up more trades, and have purposely not been picking up comics knowing their collection is a matter of time. For most thing I am patient.

I do know Amanda Conner's Power Girl is just around the corner, and I'm torn between floppies and trade. In this case it may be a catch 22 in needing to support the floppies in an effort to even warrant a trade.

Tho shipping this week, I have decided to drop Wonder Woman. Yes the art is good, the story is interesting. But I'd rather have a compact collection. I truly and dearly love comics, but they do become tiresome. Especially mainstream, to which the floppy format has outlived its usefulness. I've all but abandoned Marvel and am just looking for reasons to drop DC altogether. GL loyalty aside, it's usually art that gets me to pick up a book. And any string of issues by someone I enjoy I'd rather have in one chunk.

Anyways I don't leave empty-handed this week, as yet another fantastic issue of Illustration has arrived. With it I am able to heal my troubled soul.

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