Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Comics Day

Just a couple books...

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman

Been looking forward to Green Lantern especially after the awesome cliffhanger from last issue. I'm getting more and more curious of how widespread the Blackest Night storyline will be, but I'm still hoping it will be localized to the Green Lantern books. In the meantime there seems to be all kinds of storypoints popping up right now, so Blackest Night can take its time. It will be hard pressed to deliver more than last year's Sinestro Corps War, but there's a little part of me that's hoping it can be just as good. And bully to all fans and readers if by some chance it does better. But what... what could they possibly do that would really turn everything GL related on its ear?

There is a great trade out this week, Tales of the Green Lantern Corps. I almost picked it up because of the nice reprint quality, but I recalled I do have all the issues in a big 'ol Green Lantern longbox. Maybe I just oughtta dig through there when my new comics pile runs dry. But if you're lacking those old issues and find yourself a Green lantern fan or follower of the Corps, there's alot of good stuff in this trade.

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