Sunday, February 15, 2009

My favorite Watchmen chapters

It's always great to talk about Watchmen with different people, because everyone has their own favorite little bits. It's also cool to see the common ones that everyone seems to be attached to. I tend to keep the story organized in its chapters, and have favorite parts within and as a whole.

:: Spoiler Alert ::

Chapter 4, Watchmaker
Always a favorite, and it has been even from early readings. I love the notion of time travel in general, and the split/simultaneous narrative told from Doctor Manhattan's point of view is fascinating stuff. It's so well told-- and well drawn considering the variety of events that need to happen from different viewpoints. It's a tragic origin that speaks volumes on Manhattan's character and how he was destined to detach himslef from fellow man, only to struggle to regain it later. In Manhattan's character Alan Moore creates the ultimate Superman, a near god-like being who has the power to bend his universe to his will. Half straight-man, half deus ex machina, Doctor Manhattan acts as the lynchpin of change Watchmen's world. His sci-fi wrapping is good stuff in a great cast.

Chapter 7, A Brother to Dragons
I remember when I first "got" this chapter. Then I remember when I really got it. Heh. Dan's costume watches intently throughout, beckoning him to the inevitable. It wants to be worn, it wants Dan back. Of course the best part is the blossoming relationship between Dan and Laurie, and their own re-acquaintances with Nite Owl and Silk Spectre. Dan, down in the Owl cave, basically lays it all out as an adult looking back on his youth, setting up future themes of the book and the books message itself. I also love the scene on the couch with the newscast, that still cracks me up (I hope its played out word for word in the movie). Dan's dream sequence is still chilling and profound. And it's hard not to cheer for the guy when he gets the suit back on and finally hooks up with Laurie.

Chapter 11, Look On My Works, Ye Mighty
Veidt as Ozymandias is pretty badass. I usually end up reading this chapter twice because Ozymandias' monologue is just so damn freaky and amazingly cool. And he probably has the best line in the whole book, "I did it thirty-five minutes ago." What's also great about this chapter is that it starts the "gathering of heroes," as everyone begins to merge for the confrontation, tho not what they each expected. Its has a hell of a cliffhanger and it what makes the conclusion in Chapter 12 as satisfying as it is bizarre.

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