Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Comics Day

Green Lantern Corps
Wonder Woman
Young Liars

Neal Gaiman on Batman... which may or may not be clean up duty. Okay, I'll bite. Nice Kubert art, too. Andy Kubert, that is, but he throws down the retro with the best of them (with that lineage it's hard to imagine otherwise). And couple cool sketchbook pages in the back that shows a jealousy-inducing level of comfort with the pencil. I'm curious as to the collected future of this story, since at two issues its outside the norm for trade collections, but would make a hefty double-up reprinting. But then, why not wait for that anyways? There's something to be said for including it in Batman proper, since a standalone would look to be a little awkward in current DCU goings on. So mixed feelings on the format, but looking forward to the read.

Mongul slowly inching his way back into the spotlight, and a ton of other great Corps moments in GLC. Man the Green Lantern books are on fire these days. Kind of funny that the cover has to cram both the headers for "Blackest Knight" and "Origins and Omens." Enough with the uber-branding already!

Wonder Woman (shipped couple weeks ago) is getting a little weird as writer Simone continues building the foundation for her personal WW legacy. It certainly has points of interest, but even as a sub-plot the whole Olympian/Amazon origin seems a little rushed. Several other long-embedded plot threads are concluding as well. But Lopresti's art continues to impress. Some great pages here of Wonder Woman in full battle armor, followed by cool battle-ready regalia of both Troia and Wonder Girl!

Young Liars, um, this book is fucking insane. I really hope I'm not in the minority in being someone who enjoys the hell out of this title.

Also on the stands today is the first hardcover collection of All Star Superman, parts 1-6. It is totally worth it, tho I am holding out for a deluxe treatment of the whole series, be that Absolute or some other 12-issue form.

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