Friday, January 30, 2009


So I was rifling through things that can be rifled through when I came upon this box which supposedly housed charcoal pencils. It did not!

Inside was a virtual gold mine of drawing supplies. Sharpies, pencils and pens of high craft. The sight upon opening this box was that of unexpected elation, I thought this very stash was lost during my last move from LA to Austin. I had searched in vain for a few of these items in the past, and was genuinely saddened at the thought of their loss. Stumbling on them here perhaps is like the unfiltered joy that a dog feels uncovering a bone he had long since forgotten was buried.

Amidst the common baubles were a trio of precious items not easily replaced. A pair of drafting pencils whose style is no longer made, and a worn, trusty X-Acto. That particular X-Acto is probably older than I am, I remember when my father gave it to me in more youthful days. A rite of passage of sorts for an artist, signifying trust in being able to handle such a delicate tool. Pardon me for a moment, I think I have something in my eye.

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