Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Crisis Day

There was only one book I thought of picking up, but then decided just to get it next week with (hopefully) a few more.

But I did read Final Crisis #7. Wow.

I mean, wow.

I'm not spoiling anything when I say that the giant, multiversal conclusion-- the crisis itself-- turned out to be no crisis at all.

No universal reboot. No ridiculous continuity bending impacts. Everything is as it was, as far as I can see. In the end, should Morrison have had his way unfettered, Final Crisis would have been just a crazy cool and weird stand-alone hardcover or something. In the context of the DCU as a whole, it's… disappointing.

Barry Allen is back? Maybe… not that I should care about bringing back a character who's greatest legacy was that he died saving the universe in the first place. DiDio has outright stated he's been looking for an excuse to bring back Barry Allen (after Hal Jordan) and it looks like he went and got one. I'm sure there are plenty of Barry Allen fans who admire the character as much as I do with Hal Jordan. But the fact is they didn't need to bring him back either. Are Green Lantern books better because of it? I'm on the fence there, but I will admit the appeal helps a lot. Will Barry Allen do the same for the Flash books? I'd love to hear from fans as he's re-introduced. But I stopped reading Flash a long, long, time ago. It would appear Wally West was my own "Barry Allen," and you know I don't even need Wally West back.

Batman is dead? Maybe… ugh, it gives me a headache.

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