Monday, January 12, 2009

New Label Alert: Tropicana, WHY??

Oh Tropicana, how I lauded your previous incarnation.

Now it appears you've lost your verve. Your moxy. Your playfulness. This eurobland minimalism reeks of desperation. Note the complete absence of an orange with a straw in it, your brand trademark for years and years. I had to buy a carton just to prove it was real! And I was thirsty.

I'm still assessing the cultural design impact of things like the New Pepsi. This decidedly simplistic trend permeating "new branding" can either be described as striking or generic. The later has some credence.

From what I can gleam from fellow followers of package design, the recent nationwide economic kershuffle has had large brands seek the marketing of their product to literally mimic generic branding, in order to make the consumer feel more comfortable with their purchase. This I find to be outrageous in its likelihood of being true.

God help us all.

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