Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Comics Day

Green Lantern Corps
Young Liars

It's "Faces of Evil" over at DC. Say, isn't Marvel doing the exact same thing with "Dark Reign?" I mean the exact same thing?

Kryb gets the cover of GL Corps, and rightly so. The spookfest sees a conclusion of this entertaining (and freaky) storyline. Once again, art by Patrick Gleason is stand out stuff.

I like the character of Promethus, mainly from his kick-ass introduction by Grant Morrison, in what seems like oh-so-long-ago. He's been back a few times, without much of what made him cool, and kind of fell off the radar. I'm hoping this week's one shot has some weight to it and reintroduce the character as a continued force to be reckoned with.

Final Crisis is out this week, I gave it another in-store perusing. I feel kinda guilty that I'm not enjoying this series. It should be primo stuff. Looks great, has some blockbuster moments, but...

Young Liars, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

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