Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Comic Day

Green Lantern

It's a great time to be a Green Lantern reader. Compelling story, great art all over the place. It sure makes ya feel proud. I remember plenty of stretches where GL was terribly bland, the back page of the DCU. The last couple years have been great, and it looks to stay that way for a while. It all points to Blackest Night...

Oh, darn. Blackest Night used to be a Green Lantern localized event, but from what I read it's now going to be DC-wide. Crap. Is that really necessary after all the (seemingly literally) infinite crises? No, of course not. But are they doing it anyways? Will they fill it with meaningless fluff and empty crossovers? Probably. Dammit, DC, get your shit together already. It's hard not to notice how many comics I don't buy these days.

So if you're not that into GL, there are a couple great trades out today, too. Harley Quinn: Preludes and Nock Knock Jokes collects the short-lived series from many moons ago. It was actually a great book, with wonderful Terry Dodson art. From a purely cheesecake standpoint, he hits on just about every DC babe there is, and that ain't bad at all. But the stories by Karl Kessel do hold up, with some interesting perspectives of the Villain sidekick profession. This time around it's printed on nice paper, too! The collection is not numbered, and the series ran about 18 issues, so future volumes are probably dependent on the sales of this one. (altho Dodson doesn't stick around for the whole run)

The other collection from Vertigo collects two fantastic miniseries, Vertigo Pop's Tokyo and Bangkok. Both have cool stories and great art, the Tokyo half by the much missed Set Fisher. This double helping is totally worth it if you missed the series the first time around.

Lastly, I can't say it enough: The first collection of Young Liars came out last week. If you're not already hooked on the series, get it!!!! And man, the latest issue? Freaktastic!!!

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