Monday, January 05, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #31

So who's been reading Green Lantern Corps? It's remained strong over the past year, The Mongul storyline was a highlight for me, and it appears it's one that will continue after all.

The recent arc has plied itself into genre-mixing, the interesting combo of Science Fiction Horror. A few scenes have been outright gruesome, and the plotline following the orphanmaker aliens is way spooky. I call them such since the prime motive has the lead antagonist going about business killing entire families and stealing the leftover children. Comics sure are violent nowadays. I think in this instance Green Lantern Corps is doing it particularly well, as it has not traditionally ventured into such dark territory in some time (shades of Mosaic). Hopefully in the current Corps book, it will not become oversaturated, lessening the overall effect and consequences for future stories.

Issue #31 is part 3 of "Sins of the Star Sapphire," but the equally compelling insights into the growing Star Sapphire army is but a subplot to that which has dominated the last few issues. A freaktastic Sinestro Corps soldier named Kryb is the lead orphanmaker mentioned above, and she brings down a squad of Green lanterns in a most disturbing fashion. That's where all the Si-fi horror comes into play, but it gets even better!

One of the GLs in battle, Pree, is actually pregnant, and will stop at nothing to keep her pending child away from Kryb's grasp. In one of the most startling, defining comics moments I've read in years, the stress of battle causes Pree to call upon the willpower of her unborn child to bring the smackdown to her opponent. The following battle and imagery is... unique. That is some wild shit.

While the tide looked turned, the ending is quite the cliffhanger, and Pree's ultimate fate may be grim indeed.

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