Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Comic Day

Just good 'ol Green Lantern for me this week. Back soon with more goings on.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dark Doodles

Cup Doodle-- the Edco + Friends sketchblog-- has been hoppin' lately. This week's theme is The Dark Knight, so be sure to stop on by and check out some Batmanz.

Last week's theme was Hellboy, lots of cool stuff for him, too!

Cup Doodle!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Comics Delay

Woe is me! I'm not in San Diego nor will I be attending comicon.

Actually, there's not alot of woe going around here. I don't really miss the sardine packed insanity that Comicon has turned into, de-emphasising the "Comic" prefix with every new year. But I will miss artists alley with all those great new sketchbooks and art books, as well as seeing a bunch of old friends. Oh well.

Anywhoo, I picked up some extra books this week to try and make up for it, but apparently there were a couple items too many...

Liberty Comics
Green Lantern Corps
Flight Vol 5 (!)

So did I buy Liberty comics to support CBLDF or for two pages of Art Adams? Er...

Quite a treat to see a new volume of Flight come along. Indeed it looks packed to the brim with comicy goodness. It will be a great read sans-Diego.

I am a fan of Cameron Stewart, so Apocalipstix was an easy purchase. It's got a great style to it in a nice little package, which Oni Press excels at. Other than the title, I know nothing of the book's story and with such cool art my curiosity is piqued.

So the two big ticket items this week were the monstrously gorgeous Comic Book Tattoo and the slick but hefty Popbot collection. Clocking in at 50 bucks, I had to pass on both as to not break the bank in a single visit. I may be able to do without Popbot, it's an awesome book but was never a regular read for me. However the collection is so damned nice it's one of those things you just want in your library, if only to rekindle one's fascination with the brushtastically prolific Ashley Wood. On the other hand, Comic Book Tattoo is a definite buy at a future date. I just hope I can spring for it before the next Hellboy Library Edition comes out!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

Here are some thoughts that have been with me since seeing The Dark Knight. They are not particularly organized because I'm still kind of speechless.


See it in IMAX if your city has one. Driving a reasonable distance would be well worth it.

The Dark Knight makes Batman Begins seem like a light, simply constructed prologue.

Commercials and trailers thankfully have no bearing on experiencing this film. There was at least a full third of the movie that has had nothing promoted or hinted at in any way.

There have been some pretty cool comics movies lately but they are looking a bit quaint in hindsight. The level of complexity and climactic tension that the story builds to rivals any film since I can't recall when, superheroes or no.

You are probably aware the movie features Harvey Dent. I won't be spoilerish, but Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Speculation: The Joker will return. He will be recast and likely recast well. But it will be no Heath Ledger. That guy is getting an Oscar for what sadly was the performance of his life. That sounds kind of gushy, tho judge for yourself.

If a movie could have sex with you, The Dark Knight would ruin you for other movies. Okay maybe that's a bit much.

I recommend seeing this movie.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Comics Day

No floppies for me this week, so I bought a couple of trades (which I'll review later).

In the meantime I can't stop gawking at New York Four from last week. Brian Wood delivers a crazy cool New York drama as I pleasantly hoped for. In some ways it goes exactly where you think it does and that's what makes it so fun. But outside the plot there's lots of little New York nuance that can only come from someone who truly loves the city. More, please!!

But... Ryan Kelly. Hot damn. I dig his work on Local (even tho the paper is too glossy btw) and look forward to a nice collected edition. But here the man is on fire. You will get lost in his brushwork and manic halftones, and all those beautiful, beautiful faces. I swear I've never seen so many cute girls wearing shortsleeves over longsleeves :-) Kelly hits the page with mad talent and the ever-so-elusive accessibility that I find so much love in the likes of Becky Cloonan, Philip Bond, Kristian, and Steve Rolston. After New York Four Kelly certainly climbs to the top of that list.

New York Four-- Check it out already!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Videogames Live

Friday eve I had the pleasure of attending Videogames Live.

If you're not familiar with it, it's a simple premise: A full symphony orchestra plays a slew of the best in videogame music, old and new. I posted more of my thoughts over on Destructoid.

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Label Alert: Trident

Trident offers up some Tropical Twist. I don't know exactly what "Xylitol" is but it sure is tasty. And chewy.

New Comics Delay

Even the Secret Invasion was put off by last holiday weekend.

Secret Invasion
Wonder Woman
Young Liars
The New York Four

Real nice pick of books for me this week, even knowing Secret Invasion is a total crap shoot. We're halfway through now so the shit better start hitting the fan.

Wonder Woman, again Lopresti is On Like Tron. Young Liars, Lapham is keeping the flow that keeps me after the floppies, it works really well as a serial though no doubt will make a nice collection one day. I recall reading-- I totally forget where so this may be my imagination-- that Lapham wanted to keep off the first trade for as long as possible to keep the momentum going. Young Liars is delivering on that.

I picked up The New York Four because Brian Wood always spins a good yarn, and the Minx imprint need not a classification be. And the art is sooo great! Black and white! Halftone screens even! Ryan Kelly is totally my bag!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Next Next Food Network Star

I do love the culinary programming of the Food Network, and the latest round of The Next Food Network Star has got me again. At first I wasn't sure if I'd be into it, the folks lined up didn't seem to have the drama and zazz that so hooked me the last time around. But now that they've narrowed down the chaff, we're left with some potential. I could have called the final five after the second week, it was only after this last episode narrowing five to four that could have gone either way for a couple players. I'm still pretty sure who won't win, but you never know what kind of crazyness can tumble everyone up.

Aaron McCargo
I was certain Aaron was out the door, then he shows up on the Rachel Ray challenge and proves he can have some fun in the kitchen. The judges' main complaint about him being more comfy on camera seems to have been addressed, and from what I can see he really can cook it up. And everybody loves some good 'ol barbecue cookin', which is Aaron's specialty. But can he carry it all? He's got some hosty-ness in him, but he'll really have to keep it up in the final weeks.

Kelsey Nixon
My my my, isn't she bubbly. Kelsey would seem to have everything the Food Network wants in a cute little blonde, except of course "authority" as we've been told numerous times. They make much of her inexperience but I think that's okay, some people just got that camera savvy and I think she's one of them. Plus I don't know if it's so bad to have some one a little green learning along the way. There are alot of beginner chefs out there who I think would be way less intimidated to learn some eats with Kelsey behind the counter.

Adam Gertler
The difference between Adam and the other contestants is that if he had a show I'd actually watch it. The guy is funny, even if he tries too hard sometimes, but he's natural on camera and seems to cook with ease. His point against him is he's perceived not to have the cooking chops that the others have, but in defending his snafus I think he was dealt a 'raw' deal in a couple of challenges (see what I did there? people who watch the show will think that was funny). Adam seems like the kind of chef who would excel once the pressures of a reality show contest were put aside. Adam is my choice for the win, I hope he keeps it going. And he lists The Dark Knight Returns as one of his favorite books! :-)

Lisa Garza
Right from the get out Lisa seemed poised to be the one to enjoy throwing eggs at, what with her high-falutin' cookin', mod wardrobe and Betty Brant haircut. Luckily Neepa outpaced her in reality-show-hatability by leagues. So we got to know Lisa a little better, and she's not without her charm. And she's got smarts, and I think smarts go a long way in the kitchen; I've always felt most any subject can be made interesting when discussed by someone who's truly knowledgeable in it. No doubt Lisa's chef skills have gotten her far, tho I'd be very surprised if she clinches the win.

Shane Lyons
We've already said adieu to young Shane, and I think it was the right move. Not because he couldn't hack it, but because of all the contestants, this is a guy who could go out and live it up a little, then come back ten times stronger. For a dude practically just out of school he was was holding his own right up to his end. Honestly I though he'd be a good anchor of a Food Network show about what it takes to make a Food Network show. Film all the work up, planning, and shopping. Then film the actual show segment above set, where only the final plating would be "on camera." Hmmm... I wonder if they'd have me as The Next Food Network Producer?

You know what? Last season's winner got a show, but I guess I missed its initial run entirely, because I've never seen it!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Why I Hate Marvel Licensing

Reason #1,957:

With "Gamma Gas" and "Bear Toe."

Friday, July 04, 2008

New Label Alert: Lifesavers

Man, I haven't picked up Lifesavers in a loooong time. But this new wrapper caught my eye, although it's been so long that I can't say with any accuracy how new it is. However it is new enough to not yet be reflected on the official web site as of this posting.

Still, it's slick. An unexpected use of dark colors and the stacking bands, called out with the bright white rounded type, which may or may not be Frankfurter. Because it could not possibly be Arial Rounded.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Comics Day

A couple new books and a leftover.

Final Crisis

Treat of the week goes to Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam!, under the Johnny DC imprint. Which supposedly means it's for kids, but whatever. The book is written and drawn by Mike Kunkel, who if you reach back a bit you'll recall garnered attention for his full-hearted and lovingly illustrated Hero Bear and the Kid. Kunkel shines on Shazam with a fresh style rarely captured in other "animated" books. It's just a shame DC chose to go on the cheap, printing on the lowest quality paper possible. You can tell there's some great coloring going on, but it's all but washed out by the tawdry newsprint pulp. Some comics look great on that paper, but I think Kunkel's work deserved a little more attention. Tho it's a pretty good bet the book's initial run will be collected and hopefully printed on nicer fare. Definitely give the first issue a look, tho. But in a strange way DC seems to be shooting themselves in the foot. They want to market single issues to younger readers, but almost assuredly are counting on regular readers to beef up sales. And those readers (like me) will be turned off by the low quality stock and possibly (like me) would rather wait for the trade. Yet sales need to be good enough to warrant that trade in the first place, or at least they used to be... ugh, what a mess. Anyways it's a very, very cool looking book. I think it could have just as easily been marketed to kids as a thicker volume at a higher price with nicer paper, the floppy only features house ads so there's no ad revinue coming in there. And if I were a parent, I'd rather spend 10 bucks on 3 isuues worth of nice stuff than 3 bucks on a single floppy.

Hellcat is a nice debut from artist David Lafuente, with some great pages, a slick style, and primo colors by John Rauch. Unfortunately the story by Katherine Immonen is disjointed and hard to follow. Presumably Hellcat has this aloof, multiple personality thing going on, somewhat introduced in the Hellcat minis from Marvel Comics Presents earlier this year. I wonder if it's been taken too far for the debut issue, since it reads like Patsy Walker/Hellcat is having conversations in her head that we are not privy too by the way most of her dialog comes across. Really nice art but I did not get that first issue hook.

Apparently Final Crisis #2 shipped last week. I didn't even notice. Honest. But I picked it up this week and it is still weird and interesting, tho I'm kind of wondering when all the cool stuff is supposed to happen. So far Martian Manhunter and Orion are dead, Batman has been captured, and an Alpha Lantern has been compromised. Not at all what I would expect from an "event comic," least of all from Morrison.

BTW, Batman RIP, WTF??