Thursday, December 04, 2008

New Comics Delay

Post T-day reading with some good looking books.

Secret Invasion
Superman/Batman Vengeance TPB

So the Secret Invasion is no longer a secret. All over and done with, and only slightly anti-climactic. Except the art--- top notch the whole way. But really, what was going to go down? Yes, there are some interesting conclusions, and the overall theme and concept held its own. Stilll... nothing to flip our lids over, and it's almost humorous how the final chapter sloly start leading things back to the status quo. The Marvel U will never be a place for mega fiction on levels that can truly evolve. I think therein lies the true nature of comics lost audience. Eventually every generation has read them all, and realize everything "new" is just a variation on a them. There no reason it can't just go on and on, tho there does seem to be a level of diminishing returns that eventually won't be able to sustain itself. Still a ways off perhaps.

What we had was an opportunity that came too soon. Just as Marvel finally gets its multimedia ducks in a row and can present their characters to the masses the way they've always wanted -- I"m talking about the movies now-- they can't up and destroy or re-invent the core of fictional their universe. Maybe next time.

Terra, yay! DC should have just bit it and published the whole thing as a mini trade. Would that have been so bad, really?

The Superman/Batman collection is a good buy if you're a fan of Ed McGuinnes. His super-clean and playful style is in use over wide variety of characters in this story and alot of fun to look at. Actually reading it isn't going to be as fun, I'm afraid. But McGuinnes' visuals are so strong it works out in his favor.

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