Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Comics Day

I had to stop for gas on the way to the comics shop. $1.57! How crazy is that? The price fluctuation of the past six months just proves the whole thing is a racket. As soon as the public at large comes even close to a united fron on alternative energy initiative, BAM! Gas suddenly falls to half price. Don't worry, it'll go back up again. But I digress...


Terra was a really cool series, I think in lighter times it would survive for a while longer. Alas, it's got no Crisis or RIP or Death of the New Something or Other... and those are exactly the things that made it so great! Nice compact little story, new characters, gust stars like Power Girl and Geo_Force. OH and that amazing Amanda Connor art. Luckily her Power Girl series can't be far off!

Nice new collection of Silverfish, too. David Lapham is running on all cylinders over on Young Liars. I hope they give a new offering of Murder Me Dead as well. Maybe even Stay Bullets will get the treatment in this collection-friendly environment.

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