Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Comics Day

Two good comics, and one great book.

Green Lantern Corps
Young Liars
Fables Covers by James Jean

I regularly espouse my liking of both Green Lantern Corps and Young Liars. The extra special treat this week is a wonderful collection fron Vertigo, the Fables covers of James Jean.

Jean's art is pretty god damn amazing. I can barely come up with a bunch of flowery text to describe it. It's both ethereal and impactful, with some of the most astounding uses of color I've had the pleasure to admire. The composition is near flawless, and the varying subjects that all tie to the collected mythos speaks strongly to Jean's stature as a true artist.

That myhtos in this new book is of course a hefty collection of art from his definitive run on Fables. It's great not only because of the skill and beauty employed within, but for its very love of the subject. The book itself is nicely constructed, with large pages and good paper stock as one would expect. The reproductions are well represented, I wish some of the designers involved on this project paid as much attention to DC and Vertigo's monthly covers, where there seems to be an epidemic of poorly reproduced digital art for print. Not to mention It's quite rare to have a collection of this caliber featuring covers from just one title, I dare say some other titles should get this treatment as well. Adam Hughes and Wonder Woman and Catwoman? Surely in the works would be a collection Dave Johnson's 100 covers for the soon to be complete 100 Bullets...

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