Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Comics Day

A few books for T-Day reading.

Wonder Woman
Body Bags

Woot! Art Adams and Frank Cho are back on Hulk #8! Pay no mind to those little balloons with squiggly lines in them, they just get in the way.

According to the Cover of Wonder Woman #26, "Rise of the Olympian" begins. Artist Aaron Lopresti is back from a short break, and the insides are as keen as ever, if not precursor to some dark times. Looks like WW gets her ass kicked something fierce.

Treat of the week belongs to the Body bags One Shot. While not a huge follower of Body Bags from days past, I do really dig the art of Jason Pearson. His tight yet playful style is in top form and is good enough excuse to pick up the book.

Hrm... the conclusion to Batman RIP also shipped to day. Seriously? Wow. If the culprit was indeed [Spoiler], things appear a bit more interesting than they once were. I read at the store and tried to keep pace, Morrison is throwing a ton of crazy shit out there. Tho I'd say for what was supposed to be the definitive end to (this era's) Bruce Wayne, "definitive" wouldn't be the best word.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Comics Day

Uncanny X-Men

Terra looks to be on a biweekly schedule, which is fine by me. Its packed to the brim with great art and Conner-style cheesecake. Plus >gasp< story! I like it so far, comics can still be fun. Who needs Crisis???

I don't pay much attention to X-Men, but Terry Dodson is on Uncanny-- well, half of it, in an odd rotating schedule with Greg Land. Anywhoo... this particular ish was full of signature Dodson beauties and it looked interesting enough to pick up.

What? That's it? Guess so. I have been picking up some trades on the sly and I'll have another slate of reviews posted soon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Comics Day

Two good comics, and one great book.

Green Lantern Corps
Young Liars
Fables Covers by James Jean

I regularly espouse my liking of both Green Lantern Corps and Young Liars. The extra special treat this week is a wonderful collection fron Vertigo, the Fables covers of James Jean.

Jean's art is pretty god damn amazing. I can barely come up with a bunch of flowery text to describe it. It's both ethereal and impactful, with some of the most astounding uses of color I've had the pleasure to admire. The composition is near flawless, and the varying subjects that all tie to the collected mythos speaks strongly to Jean's stature as a true artist.

That myhtos in this new book is of course a hefty collection of art from his definitive run on Fables. It's great not only because of the skill and beauty employed within, but for its very love of the subject. The book itself is nicely constructed, with large pages and good paper stock as one would expect. The reproductions are well represented, I wish some of the designers involved on this project paid as much attention to DC and Vertigo's monthly covers, where there seems to be an epidemic of poorly reproduced digital art for print. Not to mention It's quite rare to have a collection of this caliber featuring covers from just one title, I dare say some other titles should get this treatment as well. Adam Hughes and Wonder Woman and Catwoman? Surely in the works would be a collection Dave Johnson's 100 covers for the soon to be complete 100 Bullets...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New Comic (and President) Day

Only one comic for me this week, but it's the only one I needed, really. Terra looks to be a relaunch of the classic Teen Titans character. New Terra has had a few brief cameos prior and this series was supposed to be the official introduction. For one reason or another it was shelved, put on hold, de-Crisised, whatever. But it's out this week!

Why does that make me happy? The interior art by Amanda Conner. She's one of my "it" artists, who's art I follow wherever it goes. Fantastic stuff, and a great prelude to her upcoming Power Girl series. Go Conner go!