Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Comics Day

Good stuff this week!
FC: Rage of the Red Lanterns
Empowered v4 (!!)
Kill Your Boyfriend (!)

Empowered 4!!!! Empowered 4!!!! My love for this series is high and mighty, I cannot wait to crack it open and dig thru the myriad of Warrenesque superhero shenanigans. While repleat with scrumptious and hyperkinetic artwork, Empowered is also one of the best examples of Adam Warren's uncanny writing skills that instantly endear you to new characters, a ridiculously rare skill not found in 99% of new properties. Even rooted in comicbook hero canon, Empowered introduces new and fresh concepts snuggled ever-so-deftly into the zeitgeists of pop culture, something many (many) books could take lesson from.

Kill Your Boyfriend is one of my all time favorite comics. It's just been re-released in a snazzy new edition, if you haven't read it, just buy it already. It's Grant Morrison spinning yarn at his non-superhero best. The art by Philip Bond, another fave of mine, is a perfect match. In fact I think it was Kill Your Boyfriend that first introduced me to Bond.

Final Crisis, Rage of the Red Lanterns, it's the only FC tie-in I've picked up. Or that I have a desire to, In that I've a continued interest in the Lantern Spectrum storyline. The book is (while not my highest endorsement) written by Geoff Johns, who is directing all things Green, so the FC tie in appears more of a marketing decision than something directly tied to whatever the Final Crisis turns out to be.

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