Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Comics Day

Final Secret Crisis Invasion!

Final Crisis
Secret Invasion
Northlanders v1

Secret Invasion, okay. As it has, it looks amazing, but reads a little less so. I found the epic scenes this ish to be a bit more worthy, and I feel they could have been even more so if such things hadn't been over emphasized in previous issues. Here at the tail end, I was really hoping for more of a mindfuck. Some consequence, even. Silly me, right? There is a possibility that the last issue could turn everything upside down, but I'm not counting on it.

Over in Crisis land, man I tell you I still don't know what the actual "crisis" is. At least with Infinite Crisis there was a driving plotline, if negligibly defined as a "crisis," and the outcome of the restored multiverse. I do want Morrison do do his thing, but in regards to the DCU, what thing is that exactly? I see the direction of the story, and the conflicts involved, but have yet to make the connection to the universe spanning crisis and its supposed finality.

On the FC subject of artistry musical chairs, Jones cannot be faulted for being unable to finish the book if it was DC's decision to pull in some ringers. This ish was way late and momentum counts in crossover events. And the finishing choices of Pacheco and Manhke are strong contenders each for my wanting to have seen them on the whole series, let alone a chapter or two. Regular comics readers know that the choices and execution could have been much, much worse.

I dug the look and feel of Northlanders, but decided to pass on the floppies. Northlanders to me is the perfect book to pick up as a trade, and for Vertigo to start releasing exclusively as trades. Vertigo does need to make careful choices here to meet costs, where the Northlanders trade uses a lighter paper stock, the coloring and art style of the book works well with it. As a side note, the trusty sales clerk pointed out to me that the trade costs $15 less than the individual issues. Trades are the future, people.

One more note on trades and paper. Today marked the release of the first volume of very nice hardcovers for Y the Last Man. Excellent, clean package and great paper. I've since sold off my collection of Y and looked at this series of hardcovers as a likely replacement candidate. If you'd like to get into Y, or like me replace your issues, this is a great way to go.

BONUS!! Hulk # 7 oooooh yeahhh... An issue divided between Art Adams and Frank Cho??!! DREAM DUO.

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