Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Comics Day

A sweet book and some comics.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Young Liars
Hellboy Library v2

I tell you, I cannot resist such things as the Hellboy Library Editions. That is because I both love Hellboy and have a library. Oversized, clothbound hardcovers packed with great stories and art are good old fashioned biblioporn.

Every once in a while, Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps ship the same week. Maybe on purpose, maybe just because the release schedules fall out of sync. On one hand you'd like to offer comics readers and GL fans something to return to the store for and pick up every other week, spread out the spending. Especially in light of other potential offerings like oversized, clothbound hardcovers. On the other hand, just give GL fans an extra helping of what they like all together. It's an odd call.

But What I'd like to talk to you about today is David Lapham's Young Liars. Not because it's a good book. Because it is a cray-zee goooood book. It started as a wild adventure romp amongst friends starting local and moving international, with quirk tumbling over quirk amidst strained relationships bearing monumental emotional baggage and history. This is doled out in little chunks throughout a madcap run-and-gun and was addictive as the series established its start.

But now as the story enters its second arc, things have gone batshit insane and it is awesome. Things previously hinted at about Sadie's character are expanded on in bizarre and unexpected ways. Her actual story takes center stage rather than the antics of the character that demanded it in chapters prior. Sure, practically anything goes as far as the series has been setting up so far. But writer/artist Lapham takes that shit all the way south into realms of absurdity that can only be observed as genius. The book is at times brash and harsh, at others a roller-coaster of the improbable. Ridiculously entertaining, it's a book I must read as each new issue comes forth and simply can't wait for the trade.

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