Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Comics Day

Top 10
Vampirella Crimson Chron. Maximum
Savage Sword of Conan

Top 10? Aroo? Where did this come from? It may not be Alan Moore behind the curtain but it is Gene Ha and Zander Cannon, and that ain't bad. Um, waitaminnit. Wasn't Gene Ha supposed to be doing Authority? Oh, no, that was abandoned and Authority started over again this summer. WildStorm is a clusterfuck on a good day.

But here's a treat: Vampirella Crimson Chronicles Maximum, v1. Luscious late 60's-early 70's art in delectable black and white, by artists who know how to draw. I'm telling you, this shit is bananas. Plenty of Vampi cheesecake to boot, snuggled inside those wacky tales of a bygone comics era.

Treat number two is a companion of sorts, Savage Sword of Conan v4, also a boon of black and white goodness. But WHY Dark Horse WHY? Why did you wait until volume FOUR to start printing on the good paper??? I am mystified as much as I am enthralled by the now extra-crisp Buschema art.

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