Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Comics Day

Got a couple weeks to catch up on, but all very good stuff!

Last week:
All Star Superman
Local collected HC

This week:
New Avengers
Conan vol. 6

I was a little late to the party, but last week had two stellar offerings. The first would of course be the last issue of the Millar/Quitely All Star Superman, or so they would have us believe. Still it concludes what is for certain something I count as one of the all time great Superman stories, fantastically existing in and of itself. Inevitable trades are sure to follow, perhaps even a full 12-issue collection ala Watchmen's softcover brick or even in Absolute format. However so, it will be a must have collection for many reasons.

Speaking of must have collections, Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly's entire run of Local has been collected in a sweet hardcover by Oni Press. I've noted how much I love Kelly's art before, and the matte paper in this edition compliments his black and white art so much better than the high gloss in the floppies. Wood again delivers the goods with a string of seemingly separate but interconnected tales of a not-so-average young woman's travels. The book is presented nicely and has a great heft. The kicker-- it's just 30 bucks for over 300 pages! Go out and buy this thing, already!

Dark Horse's Conan is just good. This volume marks the end of the first series, as the monthly book has restarted with the Cimmerian age. But for me the collections are what I look forward to, I have them all and enjoy them thoroughly. They look oh so nice together on a shelf!

Secret Invasion tie-in aside, this week's New Avengers features art by Jim Cheung. Reason enough to pick it up.

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