Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Comic Delay

Green Lantern continues the "Secret Origin" storyline, which is likely to be culled heavily for the GL movie Hollywood seems to be jonesing for.

I am enjoying it for the most part, however it is a retelling of things GL readers have certainly read before. I do take umbrage with the forced inclusion of characters in to this "origin" that weren't necessarily there before. I understand why an author might want to tie a supporting cast together, but to do so retroactively comes off a bit forced. Everybody doesn't have to know each other from day one. Everything in the world of GL doesn't have to be connected. The Green Lantern mythos is rooted strongly in the grand cosmic, it's almost a betrayal of science fiction (and arrogant) to lead readers to believe everything points to Hal Jordan.

That's what's so great about the Silver Age GL's, they were just wingin' it. They just let things build over time and built the universe around Jordan instead of from him.

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