Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Comics Day

... a day where I actually buy new comics!

Secret Invasion
Fantastic Four
Green Lantern Corps
Wonder Woman
Young Liars

Green Lantern Corps continues to be cool, despite the loss of Patrick Gleason on art this issue. The story features lots of eyeballs, and I wonder if it alludes to anything related to the Emerald Eye? Those were some of my favorite Legion stories so it'd be cool to have it show up here. Just a guess, tho. Also Mongul makes a breif cameo/epilogue from his Black Mercy demise, which I didn't expect so soon. He was awfully entwined with plant stuff... maybe that'll mean something later?

On Wonder Woman: Good Lopresti art is good.

Fantastic Four, why am I still buying this? I thought I was waiting for the trade! Dammit!

Meanwhile, during the Secret Invasion: Reed Richards at the brink, did he just do what I think he did??? Oh, no, wait, he didn't. Darn, that would have been something. It's not until the end of the issue that we get back to all that hooha in the Savage Land, which is good because that leave the majority of the book dealing with actual interesting stuff. But it seems there's a twist or two left in the book, and a angry condemnation. Can the Marvel U walk down the path of genocide? U-decide!

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