Wednesday, August 06, 2008

New Comics Day

Another one comic week.

I have to admit a couple of things.

1. I have no idea what is going on in Final Crisis.

2. Sometimes Grant Morrison is over my head.

I do not know which of the two statements above is hindering the book, but Final Crisis is not doing it for me. We can sit here and discuss Morrison all day long: How he straddles both comics deconstructionism and classic yarn spinning, etc. etc. ect. But this does not belay the fact that Final Crisis is supposed to be a landmark, tentpole book, whereas I am seeing something more in the direction of ala 7 Soldiers or (gasp!) The Invisibles. Applied to DC core characters and Universe doings, that sounds really cool on paper, but I'm lost here. I'm pretty hardcore DC, this should be gravy. I'm just saying I'm not "getting it" as a reader of the actual end product.

On the subject of FC, Final Crisis: Director's Cut also shipped today. Which is bullshit. I like seeing black and white art and original scripts as much as the next ardent comics reader, but don't go packaging it as a special "Director's Cut." A director's cut implies something that is re-presented with the auteur's original creative vision-- which if any recent interviews with Morrison shed light on the issue, this Final Crisis "Director's Cut" is decidedly not.

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