Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Next Next Food Network Star

I do love the culinary programming of the Food Network, and the latest round of The Next Food Network Star has got me again. At first I wasn't sure if I'd be into it, the folks lined up didn't seem to have the drama and zazz that so hooked me the last time around. But now that they've narrowed down the chaff, we're left with some potential. I could have called the final five after the second week, it was only after this last episode narrowing five to four that could have gone either way for a couple players. I'm still pretty sure who won't win, but you never know what kind of crazyness can tumble everyone up.

Aaron McCargo
I was certain Aaron was out the door, then he shows up on the Rachel Ray challenge and proves he can have some fun in the kitchen. The judges' main complaint about him being more comfy on camera seems to have been addressed, and from what I can see he really can cook it up. And everybody loves some good 'ol barbecue cookin', which is Aaron's specialty. But can he carry it all? He's got some hosty-ness in him, but he'll really have to keep it up in the final weeks.

Kelsey Nixon
My my my, isn't she bubbly. Kelsey would seem to have everything the Food Network wants in a cute little blonde, except of course "authority" as we've been told numerous times. They make much of her inexperience but I think that's okay, some people just got that camera savvy and I think she's one of them. Plus I don't know if it's so bad to have some one a little green learning along the way. There are alot of beginner chefs out there who I think would be way less intimidated to learn some eats with Kelsey behind the counter.

Adam Gertler
The difference between Adam and the other contestants is that if he had a show I'd actually watch it. The guy is funny, even if he tries too hard sometimes, but he's natural on camera and seems to cook with ease. His point against him is he's perceived not to have the cooking chops that the others have, but in defending his snafus I think he was dealt a 'raw' deal in a couple of challenges (see what I did there? people who watch the show will think that was funny). Adam seems like the kind of chef who would excel once the pressures of a reality show contest were put aside. Adam is my choice for the win, I hope he keeps it going. And he lists The Dark Knight Returns as one of his favorite books! :-)

Lisa Garza
Right from the get out Lisa seemed poised to be the one to enjoy throwing eggs at, what with her high-falutin' cookin', mod wardrobe and Betty Brant haircut. Luckily Neepa outpaced her in reality-show-hatability by leagues. So we got to know Lisa a little better, and she's not without her charm. And she's got smarts, and I think smarts go a long way in the kitchen; I've always felt most any subject can be made interesting when discussed by someone who's truly knowledgeable in it. No doubt Lisa's chef skills have gotten her far, tho I'd be very surprised if she clinches the win.

Shane Lyons
We've already said adieu to young Shane, and I think it was the right move. Not because he couldn't hack it, but because of all the contestants, this is a guy who could go out and live it up a little, then come back ten times stronger. For a dude practically just out of school he was was holding his own right up to his end. Honestly I though he'd be a good anchor of a Food Network show about what it takes to make a Food Network show. Film all the work up, planning, and shopping. Then film the actual show segment above set, where only the final plating would be "on camera." Hmmm... I wonder if they'd have me as The Next Food Network Producer?

You know what? Last season's winner got a show, but I guess I missed its initial run entirely, because I've never seen it!

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